Belletere White Semi Sweet Sparkling

Kosher White Wine – Semi Sparkling Wine – Semi Sweet Wine


A stirring addition to the world of semi sparkling wines.
The kosher Italian Belletere Semi Sparkling is an affordable and charming white wine with a light straw yellow colour and delicate, gentle sparkle.
The bubbles of this white semi sparkling wine really accentuate the flavours present, while not being harsh. It is subtle, nuanced and deliciously sweet.
The aroma greets the drinker with distinctive fruits and flowers, the gentle bubbles carry the scent, while the flavours are reminiscent of white fruits, tropical fruits and pear. It is well balanced, crisp and refreshing. Mild citrus notes and more savoury notes complement the delectable sweetness of this white wine.
Belletere have created this stunning kosher semi sparkling wine for Cedev and we are proud to present some of the best and most affordable semi sparkling wines.

Pairing Suggestion:

While you can enjoy this semi sparkling, white kosher wine as an aperitif, it is easy to pair with a range of light meals, such as desserts, fruits, chicken and fish. It can also be a decent companion to lightly spiced foods and vegetables.

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