Casato Sangria Fruit Wine 2017

Kosher Alcoholic Drinks – Spain – Wine Infusions


A refreshing and fun alcoholic beverage from Cedev.
Casato is a delicious and super fruity treat, perfect for those warm summers or for all year round if you love the taste of fruit.
This charming kosher alcohol is a blended Spanish red wine infused with fruit aromas. It is stimulating and sweet, making it a beloved ingredient in cocktails.
Casato works wonderfully as a cocktail base or flourish and many fruit and wine lovers enjoy the taste of Casato by itself.
The Casato 2017 wine is light, fresh, delightfully sweet and endlessly fruity. It brings welcome citrus flavours and long finishes, as well as the wonderous fruity nose.
This infused kosher wine is best served chilled to enhance its refreshing flavour.
Casato is ideal for making wonderful, creative pre-dinner cocktails. Some popular cocktails featuring Casato include, Casato Blonde, Casato on ice, Casato gin, Casato hot (a great one for the cooler winter months) and Casato vodka.
The grapes for this sweet red wine infusion are grown and produced in beautiful La Mancha in central Spain.

Pairing Suggestion:

Chilled Casato works well before food but can also be at home as an accompaniment to canapés, tapas, light bites and breads with mild cheeses.


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