Chateau Haut Perdrias 2018

French Kosher Red Wine – Cotes De Blaye Region


A well balanced Bordeaux from a charming boutique winery.
The Chateau Haut Perdrias is a great value for money wine with a playful flavour. This excellent vintage has a deep purple colour and comes from a blend of ripe Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Malbec grapes.
This is another robust red Mevushal wine from the Cotes De Blaye region in France and finds itself among Cedev’s excellent dry red kosher wines.
Like many Bordeaux, it is an easy drinking kosher red wine and the Chateau Haut Perdrias 2018 vintage is well balanced and versatile.
This pleasing dry red is particularly earthy in taste with rich fruity flavours and wonderful spiced notes. There is a detectable taste of minerals and an almost fleshy finish.
This red kosher wine has undergone cold pre-fermentation maceration for 25 days. It has been aged for 18 months. It offers a smooth finessed sensation on the mouth and is a great choice for deepening your journey into dry Bordeaux.

Pairing Suggestion:

Thanks to the Chateau Haut Perdrias 2018 being an especially earthy Bordeaux with rich flavours of minerals and a pleasant acidity level, it pairs perfectly with rich lamb, shallots and mushroom dishes.

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