Flash Strawberry Aromatic Sparkling Wine

Kosher Sparkling Fruit Wine – Flash Strawberry Aromatic Sparkling Wine – Moscato Wine


Sweet, persistently bubbly with potent aromas of strawberries. The Flash Strawberry Sparkling Wine is a vibrant and popular newcomer to the Cedev collection.
Aromatic wines have been exciting the wine world with their mighty fruit aromas and flavours. The combination of sparkling wine and the enhancement of fruit is an idyllic match.
Made from high quality Muscat grapes this beautiful pink wine is both a visual and taste delight with strong sweet tastes and aromas and the tantalising flavour of ripe strawberries. This is an ideal beverage for summer parties and dinking before food. Thanks to a reasonably low alcohol level it is easy to indulg in the fun and tasty fruit enhanced sparkling wine.
Aromatic wines have strong scents and the release of the bubbles in this sparkling taste experience helps to diffuse these wonderful fragrances even further.
Award Winner: Thanks to the creative work of Valerii Sumilov, Cedev are proud to reveal that our Flash Aromatic Sparkling wines are award winners. This collection of kosher sparkling wine was awarded the 2018-2019 packaging design award for its stunning label. The label isn’t just an attractive piece of art but utilises truly clever design to make labels for sparkling wine work better. The label uses a special waterproof pearlescent paper.
This is a smart, innovative solution for labels on sparkling wines and was created specifically for them. The label is resistant to wetness in the refrigerator or even in a bucket of ice. It is far more durable than labels that have come before and will keep its attractive appearance throughout the use of the product, although is it not easy to keep this aromatic sparkling wine for long with its delightful fruity flavours.
The label is also a great work of packaging art, which seamlessly balanced beauty, modernity, uniqueness and the cultural expectations of Italian sparkling wine packaging.

Pairing Suggestion:

The Aromatic Flash Strawberry Sparkling Wine will be a great companion to sweet or citrus desserts, cheeses, appetisers, snacks or even on its own as an aperitif. While only a few special wines work well with chocolate desserts, the Aromatic Flash Strawberry Sparkling Wine will pair very well. Its strawberry flavours are an excellent match to chocolate and the persistent bubbles help cut through rich desserts.
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