Gavioli Moscato Sparkling White

Kosher Sparkling White Wine – Sweet Sparkling Wine – Gavioli Moscato


From the renowned Gavioli comes this bright, luscious sparking wine, courtesy of the Cedev collection.
This brilliant sparkling Moscato is an indulgently sweet white wine with a fine mousse of gentle light bubbles that add shimmering glints to this bright dawn yellow wine and offers a luscious mouth feel.
Cedev’s kosher Gavioli Sparkling Moscato is well perfumed with a scent of flowers. It is well-structured with a playful sweet flavour introducing tropical fruits, hints of apricot and a developing freshness.
Its sweetness is nicely offset with the crisp fruity freshness and very mild acidity. There is an elegant structure to this enticing wine and a good length on the palate.
Gavioli Moscato comes from the Muscat grape, a true chameleon of the wine grape world, renowned for its quality, sweetness but also its versatility.

Pairing Suggestion:

The Gavioli Moscato can be the ultimate aperitif or, thanks to its fine bubbles, it can be enjoyed with food as well. You can use its sweet flavour to complement other sweet dishes like desserts or contrast it with citrus desserts or even lightly spiced fish or chicken.


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