Siviano Sangiovese

Kosher Wine – Sangiovese – Italian Dry Red Wine


A beautiful Italian dry red wine.
The Siviano Sangiovese presents a lovely deep ruby red colour that glints in your glass.
This is a very bold and full-bodied Italian red balanced by fine, silky and subtle tannic flavours. It is extremely mild on acidity, creating a soft feel in the mouth, which carries its bold and flavourful taste well. A divine contrast.
The Sangiovese is one of the most popular of the Siviano Italian wines and brings drinkers a smooth, full buttery flavour with oaky notes as well.
Sangiovese grapes are deliciously savoury, earthy and rustic, which makes them excellent for dry wines. As these grapes were grown in the warmer climate of Sicily, they also offer a more flavoursome experience than other Sangiovese, such as the distinctive cherry highlights and subtle hints of tomato. There is a powerful bouquet of wild cherries that makes this kosher Italian red wine especially captivating.
Despite its boldness, the Siviano Sangiovese is a great value wine and highly versatile.

Pairing Suggestion:

This pleasantly dry and bold Siviano Sangiovese will be the perfect partner to mouth-watering roast, grilled or even barbequed red meats. Its delicate tannins and soft sensation but rich flavours are a wonderful enhancement for rustic style or chargrilled dishes.

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