Supreme White Grape Juice

Kosher Grape Juice – White Grape Juice


Kosher white grape juice is a popular and charmingly sweet alternative to kosher wine.
White grape juice can easily match the sweetness of red grape juice but with a lighter, fresher taste. It also tends to have a very subtle citrus taste making it a refreshing alternative to red grape juice.
White grape juice is a healthy source of essential vitamins and is a great alternative to kosher wine. Suitable for children, those with diabetes or those who are driving and cannot drink alcohol.
Supreme white grape juice is so sweet and flavoursome that you will be tempted by its delicious taste even if you can drink alcohol. Supreme kosher grape juice is made from 100% real, ripe grapes and made with zero artificial preservatives, colours and zero added sugar.

Pairing Suggestion:

Try pairing this light, bright and refreshing white kosher grape juice with slightly spiced chicken dishes. The sweetness of the grapes is a fantastic complement to spices and Supreme grape juice is healthier and far tastier with a deeper flavour than cordials.


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