The Cedev kosher wine producers have been making waves on the wine scene for some time and have quickly gained a reputation for brilliant, distinctive wines thanks to long-held traditions in high-quality production

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The History & Experience Behind CEDEV

Explore The CEDEV Wine Catalogue

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Tradition & Quality

CENTRALE EUROPÉENNE DES VINS (Cedev) is a family of winemakers, merchants, and distributors. Our expert team has been busy creating and sourcing an exceptional collection of kosher wine from across the European region.

CEDEV is shaking up the industry and being recognised as one of the new faces in the European kosher wine producing scene. Explore artfully crafted French kosher wines, Italian wines and Spanish wines from our top partners and our very own creations. 

All of the wines you find here at CEDEV are certified as kosher and have been developed with the utmost care and the highest standards of cleanliness and purity.

Explore a new standard of kosher wine producers as we bring you an exciting range from only the best wineries in the world