Meet Cedev – We are the kosher winemakers with over five generations of wine production experience in our family-run business.
CENTRALE EUROPÉENNE DES VINS (Cedev) have produced an array of stunning wines in conjunction with famous wineries and vineyards in the heart of Europe’s wine countries.

Through ancient practices and traditions, Cedev Wine Producers have made remarkable French, Spanish and Italian kosher wines that have been lauded by consumers.
Our products have proven exceptionally popular with wine lovers the world over and we continue to strive to bring together a collection of kosher wines second to none.

Cedev’s Mission

Our goal is to source the world’s best collection of kosher wines from around Europe’s finest wineries.
What makes the Cedev collection special is our expertise and experience in kosher standards, fine wine and our connections in the wine production world. This enables us to discover one-of-a-kind vineyards and bring these exceptional wines to you.

It is our passion to bring classic wines, exclusive wines, boutique wines and innovative wines made especially for Cedev by our talented kosher wine producers.
We work with family estates like Bodega of Spain in the Rioja region and Grand Crus of France.
The kosher wines in our catalogue come from selected Chateaux in the world’s greatest wine regions of Spain, France and Italy and we have a particularly close relationship with elite wineries in St Emilion, Pomerol and the Lalande de Pomerol wine regions of France.
In addition to our high-end kosher wines, we also work hard to make sure incredible wines are accessible to everyone. That is why we also bring a portfolio of entry level table wines with an amazing taste and excellent value for money.

100% Kosher Wine

Cedev wine producers only create, source and trade wines that are completely kosher certified.
All our beautiful wines are prepared with adherence to our values of tradition, quality and the highest standards of cleanliness and purity.
Every wine we create has been produced in a renowned winery by experienced kosher winemakers and overseen by certified kosher supervision representatives from reputed organisations. On each wine product page you can find which kosher certification body has supervised that wine’s production.

Passion for Kosher Wine Production

Producing and sourcing wine really is an art for us here at CEDEV. Our partnerships with the prestigious kosher winemakers of Europe have enable us to deliver our impressive selection, including beloved wines from the top family estates, such as Bodega of Spain in Rioja, wines from Emilia in Italy and Grand Crus from selected French Chateaux in the Bordeaux region. Explore our wine portfolio and get in touch with our specialist team for more information.

What Makes CEDEV Winemakers Different?


It has never been a better time to be a wine connoisseur. The variety of wine has never been more diverse or this affordable. 

This makes it a competitive market for wine producers, but we know how to stand out. 

CEDEV has seen the wine world revolutionise and change for the better as technology advances and it becomes easier to make the finest wine at lower prices. 

We believe this is fantastic for wine lovers and a real opportunity to show what we’re made of. 

CEDEV has been in the wine game for years and with our strong history and expertise we have learned everything there is to know about producing stunning wine and knowing the best winemakers when we see them. 

We have built special relationships with renowned kosher wine producers and sourced an unrivaled selection of the finest kosher wines right here. 

Diversity, quality, and tradition are what make CEDEV different.

We’ve taken these ideals to new heights to put together our portfolio of wines. What we are most proud of is its variety, while always maintaining extremely high-quality standards. No other kosher wine producers bring together classic beloved wines, new exclusive wines from specialist boutique ranges and entry-level wines at the best prices on the market. We believe in looking for remarkable wines at the lowest prices so that everyone can experience the joys of outstanding kosher wine.