Siviano Meloso Red Semi Sweet

Kosher Wine – Sangiovese – Italian Dry Red Wine

The Siviano Meloso is an enchanting semi sweet red dessert wine.

This sumptuous Italian dessert wine is made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in the warmth of Sicilian vineyards. The colour is an enticing intense purple and this wine delivers a heady fresh floral nose.

The Siviano Meloso red is a charming Italian wine that balances sweet flavours well and is not overpoweringly sweet for a dessert wine. It has ultra-smooth tannins and coats the mouth in a delicate, refreshing sweetness with each sip.

Expect an explosion of sweet candied fruit flavours with heavy tones of cherries and berries.

This kosher red wine has a great potential for aging and is best served at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Semi sweet wines, like the gorgeous Siviano Meloso Red, come from ripe grapes harvested late and a shorter fermentation to conserve natural fruit sugars. This is a wonderful Italian wine and the semi-sweet balanced flavour of this kosher Sicilian red wine make it a great choice in warmer or cooler weather.

Pairing Suggestion:

The Siviano Meloso Red is an excellent red dessert wine, but you would be missing out not to try pairing this refreshingly sweet wine with some savoury dishes. The balanced sweetness provides an interesting contrast to spicy food, such as mild curries or dry spiced meats. Of course, it is still very at home as a pairing for desserts, especially vanilla driven desserts and desserts featuring custards.


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