Chateau La Patache 2014

French Red Wine – Dry Kosher Wine – Pomerol Bordeaux Region


A charming balanced dry French red from the Pomerol region.
Pomerol wines have a great reputation for reliable, consistent taste and the Chateau La Patache 2014 is no exception.
It provides the easy drinking and balanced tones expected of a Bordeaux with a few pleasant surprises as well. While it is among Cedev’s dry red wine collection, this kosher Bordeaux does have a few sweeter notes than many of our other dry Bordeaux. This sweetness mainly manifests itself in a sweet red fruit aroma and does not spoil the pleasantly dry, earthy nature of this medium bodied Bordeaux.
This excellent vintage delivers oaky flavours and plenty of berry hints as well, including raspberry and blackberry. Drinkers can also expect the subtle play of pepper and even truffle.
This is not a Mevushal wine and is created from Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes.
The Chateau La Patache 2014 is reasonably bold, yet dry, but retains a great balance with tannic and acidity near average. There can be a pleasantly gritty tannic flavour to this wine. It’s sweeter nose and lovably earthy core flavour make it a popular vintage.

Pairing Suggestion:

This well-balanced red wine will find itself at home when paired with richer chicken dishes, such as a tomato or cream sauce, meaty pasta dishes and even cheese thanks to its sweet fruity nose.

This wine is also available in the following sizes: 1.5 Liters, 3 Liters

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