Siviano Nero D’Avola

Italian Kosher Dry Red Wine – Sicilian Wine – Nero d’Avola Wine


For the past few years Nero d’Avola wines have been gaining recognition and the Siviano Nero d’Avola is a rising star on the wine lovers’ scene.
Nero d’Avola grapes are sometimes called Calabrese and they are the most important and widely planted red wine grape in Sicily. It is a shame that in the past this incredible Italian wine grape was overlooked by segments of the wine community because it produces fantastic wines that are perfect for aging.
Hardly confined to one role, the Nero d’Avola grapes can also create nice fresher and younger red wine as well. They were historically viewed as a blending grape but are now getting the recognition they deserve.
Cedev is pleased to share the Siviano Nero d’Avola with the world and expose more wine drinkers to the pleasures of an excellent grape variety and a notable wine from an experienced kosher winery.
The Siviano is a bold full-bodied red. It is easily counted among the prime examples of dense, dark wines, which Nero d’Avola are becoming famous for producing.
For those who are unfamiliar with Nero d’Avola wines, they are reminiscent of Cabernet Sauvignon and very familiar to those who adore Malbec, but beyond that, they are incredibly distinctive in their own right.
With boldness abounding, a moderate to high acidity and tannic taste with big fruitiness at the forefront, the Siviano is a perfect Nero d’Avola wine.
There are so many deep flavours erupting from this full-bodied Sicilian red. Expect a powerful hit of black cherry, black plum followed by a subtle touch of liquorice and a discerning palate might even detect tobacco notes and the smallest hint of chilli pepper.

Pairing Suggestion:

This excitingly rich wine should be paired with meats of the same calibre for the best enhancements. Drink this bold Siviano Nero d’Avola with slow cooked lamb or well-aged beef rib joints and gamier meats like venison or oxtail. It will go very well with hearty meat preparations like stew.

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