Enclos De Viaud 2014

Dry Red Wine – Lalande de Pomerol Bordeaux


The Enclos de Viaud 2014 is an exciting and very bold French red wine from a renowned region.
Cedev is proud to produce this highly popular wine, which offers an impressive and complex flavour journey.
The Enclos de Viaud 2014 is French kosher red wine with a medium body and silky tannic sensation. While strong and bold with an abundance of flavours, it is not overpowering and enjoyable to a range of palates
The 2014 is one of the most successful vintages of this wine and has been praised among wine lovers as a stimulating experience.
This charming red wine is vibrant bright rouge in colour. The immediate detectable flavours on the tongue are red fruits. It has a fresh tasting quality but with a deep aroma reminiscent of tobacco, spices and even with the touch of balsamic.
Many detect almost chocolatey notes in this medium bodied wine, which is remarkably fruity for a dry red. Slight hints of truffle are there with a spicy fruit finish. It is an elegant and impressive dry kosher red which takes you on a complex flavour journey.
This Bordeaux Pomerol is made from Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes and is a Mevushal wine.

Pairing Suggestion:

With its medium body, yet such a bold, complex flavour brimming with strong notes, this silky French red wine begs to be paired with rich beef and roasted root veg dishes.

This wine is also available in the following size: 1.5 Liters

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