Siviano Merlot

Kosher Italian Wine – Merlot – Dry Red Wine


A fabulous bold Merlot from Italy that is a 100% organic wine.
Italian Merlots, like this Siviano, tend to be ripe, complex, supple, full bodied with fruity aromas and this wine is a perfect example of that tradition.
The Siviano Merlot is dry but not overpoweringly so, soft and smooth with moderate soft tannins. It has mild acidity, is medium bodied but also has a very bold flavour and long finish.
This Merlot is a gorgeous ruby red colour with beautiful violet reflections.
Enjoy the fruity fragrance of blackberries and raspberries supported by distinctive spiciness in this moreish Merlot.
Despite riper grapes grown in Sicily’s sun and a strong fruit taste, this is a delicate Merlot with excellent versatility. Its strong fragrance is pleasant and not overwhelming, hence a light character for easy pairing.

Pairing Suggestion:

The Siviano Merlot will pair well with strong cheeses, red fruit sauces and mushrooms. Since the Siviano Merlot is a rather delicately structured Merlot with a light character and fragrance, it is also a good option for pairing with dishes that are normally hard to pair e.g. artichokes.

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