Siviano Pinot Grigio

Kosher Pinot Grigio – Sicilian White Wine – Dry Wine


The kosher Siviano Pinot Grigio is a tantalising dry wine. It is bursting with pale fruit and citrus fruit flavours. Expect a dance of lime, pear, apple, lemon and white nectarine.
There is also the distinctive saline mineral quality offered by the Pinot Grigio grapes proximity to the coast when growing.
Like many Pinot Grigios, the Siviano is delightfully acidic, very dry and citrusy but as a Sicilian variation it is far fruitier than other Pinot Grigios. Most Pinot Grigios come from northern Italy in the mountains. This is the region most famous for Pinot Grigio, but if you have never tried a Sicilian kosher Pinot Grigio you are definitely missing out. While the Pinot Grigio wines of northern Italy are dry with a strong mineral flavour, those grown in the sunnier and warmer climate of Sicily have greater fruit flavours yet retain that desirable dryness.
A floral bouquet of honeysuckle accompanies that pleasantly citrus flavour. As a Sicilian Pinot Grigio you can expect a slightly oilier mouth feel to the Siviano Pinot Grigio compared with Pinot Grigio wines of northern Italy.
This wine is great quality for money and divinely fruity, refreshing and dry. Perfect to drink straight away.

Pairing Suggestion:

This fruity and dry Siviano Pinot Grigio will pair well with light foods, such as white fish, seafood, salmon, tuna, vegetarian cuisine and appetizers, including olives and Italian breads.

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