Chateau Haut Brisson 2016

Kosher Dry Wine – St Emilion Bordeaux Wine


The Chateau Haut Brisson 2016 is a truly exceptional vintage that has received great acclaim from wine experts, connoisseurs and novices alike.
This vintage has had a big impact on the wine drinking community, and it is no exaggeration to say that the 2016 is unsurpassed among the Chauteau Haut Brisson wines.
This renowned wine from Grand Crus in St Emilion is a limited-edition wine and is heralded as one of the best of its year in the world. It is expected to become even more regal and luxurious in flavour as it ages. A perfect long drinking wine.
Welcome to heavenly tannins and a big impression from wild fruit flavours. Explore ripe fruit in this full boded wine with just a hint of spice and a delicate aroma.
The Chateau Haut Brisson 2016 from Cedev is an unrivalled kosher Merlot that is continuing to make waves among wine lovers. We are pleased to bring one of the very best in high end European kosher wines to our esteemed collection.

Pairing Suggestion:

While this is beautifully full bodied you won’t want to overpower the natural flavours of this wine. It really needs to be savoured and enjoyed. Fortunately, it can pair with an array of meats, such as beef, lamb and even poultry that are simply prepared or white light sauces.

This wine is also available in the following sizes: 1.5 Liters, 3 Liters, 6 Liters

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