Siviano Grillo

Kosher Dry Wine – Sicilian Wine – Grillo White Wine


Delicate and marvellously dry. The Siviano Grillo is an attractive Italian white wine in both appearance and taste.
At great value for money this delightfully dry kosher Sicilian wine is not to be missed. This white wine is cultivated from high-quality Grillo grapes, which are some of the best white wine delivering grapes in Sicily.
Grillo grapes are ideal for producing very dry white wines like this fantastic Siviano. The grapes can withstand very high temperatures and retain their acidity without being cooked and going jammy in the sun. This makes it much easier to create high acidity dry white wines from Grillo grapes.
For fans of dry, crisp and savoury wines the Siviano Grillo can do no wrong. It exudes flavours of citrus blossom, mango and even very subtle peach. This is met by a strong herbal aroma. A refined palate may even sense the slight saline notes which Sicilian wines are famous for. Those wineries nearest the coast have the highest concentration of this taste.
The Siviano is an especially great wine with toasty notes offsetting the floral and fruit flavour. It has high acidity while avoiding being tart and has a deep straw colour.
The Siviano Grillo is an organic wine. Kosher organic wines are some of the purest and cleanest wines in the whole world. They have been harvested and processed under the strictest conditions by expert wine growers.

Pairing Suggestion:

Such a pleasantly acidic and dry white wine will be a fabulous enhancement for seafood risotto, vegetable laden pasta dishes, baked dishes and chicken.

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