Haut Vallon White 2019

French White Wine – Dry Kosher Wine – Bordeaux Region


An exclusive dry white wine from Bordeaux.
While the vast majority of wine from Bordeaux is red and most of the white wines are sweet, such as Sauternes, there is a much rarer and incredible dry white Bordeaux.
Produced in smaller quantities, but by no means smaller on quality and taste, these dry white Bordeaux are fabulous flexible wines. The Haut Vallon White 2019 is a perfect example of this minority of beautiful white Bordeaux that are definitely dry and delectable.
The dry white Bordeaux, though few in number are lauded as some of the best white wines in the world.
Expect tastes of fresh lemon, citrus rinds but also flowers, spice and small hints or orange, lime and vanilla. The nose has notes of herbs and fresh grass.
Unlike some more easy-going dry whites, the white Bordeaux is rich, deep and powerful but refreshing.

Pairing Suggestion:

Dry white Bordeaux, like the Haut Vallon 2019 White are well known for their versatility when pairing with food. This delicious wine will go perfectly with light foods, especially fish, salty cheese and simple chicken dishes.


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Kosher for Passover


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