Siviano Meloso White Semi Sweet

Kosher Semi Sweet Wine – Sicilian Wine – Blended White Wine


Cedev’s Meloso White from Siviano is a super kosher dessert wine that is highly versatile and balanced.
Cedev has collated a powerhouse collection of the best kosher wines, including excellent Sicilian wines. The Siviano range brings exciting and popular wines, which will please a wide audience with their easy drinking, well adjusted flavours.
This semi sweet Meloso white Italian wine is a triumph. It presents a vibrant golden yellow colour and a delightful sweetness contrasted with more savoury notes.
This semi sweet is both charming and refreshing with a nice persistent acidity to cut through those sweet notes.
Expect a highly floral and fruity nose to accompany flavours of wildflowers, tropical fruits and hints of honey. This wine is smooth and coats the tongue and palate in a menagerie of intense flavour.

Pairing Suggestion:

As a dessert wine the Siviano Meloso Semi Sweet white wine is a great friend to a wide range of desserts but it works best to enhance the flavours of dessert featuring sour fruits, high citrus dishes, especially orange and lemon or desserts heavily featuring caramel or butterscotch.

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