Belletere Rosé Semi Sweet Sparkling

Kosher Rosé Wine – Semi Sparkling Wine – Semi Sweet Wine


Belletere Rosé Semi Sweet Sparkling is a delicate and playful wine with subtle, well balanced flavours. It is a semi sweet wine with a gentle sparkle and a pleasant light pink hue.
For those new to the world of semi sparkling wines, what sets them apart from true sparkling wines is the carbon dioxide pressure. True sparkling wines must have at least 3 bars of pressure and an alcohol content of at least 10%. While the Belletere Rosé has slightly less carbon dioxide and alcohol, it is a marvellous drinking experience and charming alternative to sparkling wine. The bubbles are softer on the palate and the Belletere Rosé is a high-quality example with intense sweet notes, which work in harmony with slightly calmer bubbles.
Cedev’s Belletere Rosé Semi Sweet Sparkling has a clean floral bouquet and delicate, sweet red fruit flavours, including strawberry and cherry.

Pairing Suggestion:

Like sparkling wines, the Belletere Rosé Semi Sweet Sparkling is a wonderful aperitif, however, with its gentler sparkling quality, it can more easily be paired with food. This semi sweet sparkling rosé will be a delight with fruits, cheeses, fish and chicken.

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