Flash Peach Aromatic Sparkling Wine

Kosher Sparkling Fruit Wine – Flash Peach Aromatic Sparkling Wine – Moscato Wine


From Cedev’s Aromatic collection, the Flash Peach Sparkling Wine is an innovative take on an old favourite.
This Moscato wine is familiar with its sumptuously sweet flavour but this exciting kosher wine is infused with powerful fruit aromas and flavours.
With a reasonably low alcohol level but big taste, this divinely peachy drink is perfect for indulging at parties. It also makes a superb dessert wine.
The Flash Aromatic Sparkling wine is the most distinctly fruit wine you can buy with persistent bubbles, a low finish and great sensation to the tongue. There are unmistakable juicy peach flavours, which has made this kosher sparkling wine a big hit.
Aromatic wines are an exciting new trend that looks set to stick and the Flash Peach Moscato Sparkling wine is especially popular.
Award Winner: Cedev’s collection of Flash Aromatic Sparkling wines are not only a taste sensation, they are also award winners for their design. The Flash Aromatic Sparking wines were winners of the 2018-2019 Packaging Design Award thanks to the remarkable label created by Valerii Sumilov. This design beautifully balanced a modern, innovative and eye-catching approach with the expectations of the Italian wine market traditions. The label is printed on special waterproof pearlescent paper, which is designed specifically for sparkling wines. It does not get wet in the refrigerator or in a bucket with ice and maintains its appealing look throughout the use of the product.

Pairing Suggestion:

The Aromatic Flash Peach Sparkling Wine is the perfect aperitif, but it also works well with cheese platters. Its strong, sweet flavours mean it will not be overpowered by strong cheese and it offers a wonderful contrast. The delightful fizz of this wine also makes it contrast nicely with smooth soft cheeses. Its fruity scents make it suitable to pair with fruit platters, fish or chicken as well.

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