Siviano Rosato

Kosher Rosato Wine – Italian Dry Rosato


A visually and orally stunning pink kosher wine. The Siviano Rosato is a perfect example of a beautiful, fruity and dry Sicilian Rosato.
For those new to Rosato, it is the Italian equivalent of rosé, but it is much more than just another pink wine. Rosato tends to boast a deeper colour and stronger, more complex flavour than most rosés. This offers it a superb versatility and it is hardly just a summer drink.
The Siviano Rosato by Cedev elegantly balances the crisp and refreshing personality that is beloved in rosés with juicer, warmer flavours of spices and darker fruits that are a staple of excellent Rosato.
Like other Sicilian wines, this Rosato is marvellously fruity, compared to wines in mainland Italy, while retaining its dryness.
Thanks to those Sicilian Rosato grapes ripening in the warm sunshine, this Rosato is especially big on fruity flavour. It has an attractive deep pink colour and a prominent hit of raspberries, lemon with just a hint of apple notes.
The Siviano is well structured, well-rounded and possesses an intense floral and fruit fragrance.
A big personality for a great kosher pink wine.

Pairing Suggestion:

This intoxicating and great value Siviano Rosato makes an amazing aperitif (or aperitivo as the Italians would say). It also a brilliant companion to appetisers, cheese platters, pasta, rice, fish or even richer chicken dishes.

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