Secret Du Haut Vallon 2018

Red Kosher Wine – Cotes De Blaye Region – French Red Wine

The Secret Du Haut Vallon 2018 vintage is an excellent value for money wine that offers playful and enjoyable easy drinking.

It is somewhat more nuanced in its flavours than many easy drinking reds with a notable fruity intensity to its palate. Black and red currents dance on the tongue with a subtle and pleasant spiced finish. It is wonderfully fresh and a popular wine with a renowned style and superb vintage. 

This delectable kosher French red is part of Cedev winemakers dry red wine collection and it is incredibly versatile for dining or pre dinner drinks. 

The Cotes De Blaye region produces splendid Bordeaux wines that are favourites among French locals. The red wines of Cotes De Blaye are normally simple, easy drinking reds but the Secret Du Haut Vallon 2018 is a rather distinctive wine with its subtle spiced finish. 

This Cotes De Blaye French blend is a Mevushal and kosher for Passover. 

Pairing Suggestion:

With its pleasant easy-going flavour the Secret Haut Du Haut Vallon 2018 will marry well with a wide range of different cuisines and even light canapés. Its fresh taste makes it an excellent companion to chicken, pasta dishes and seasoned summer vegetables. 


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Kosher for Passover


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