L Lambrusco White

Kosher Sparkling White Wine – Emilia-Romagna Region – Semi Sweet Lambrusco


The elegant L Lambrusco from Cedev is a sparkling, white, semi-sweet wine.
It is charming and persistent with a unique character. Most Lambrusco wines are red, and this easy-going sparkling white is a wonderful change of pace that shows the versatility and range of the impressive Lambrusco grape.
This Lambrusco sparking bianco wine was grown and cultivated in the Emilia-Romagna region, the home of the Lambrusco grape. The Italian climate here gives these grapes their unique flavour and this wine carries their beautiful sweet fruitiness through in a spiral of perfect bubbles.
Enjoy a wonderful floral aroma in this sparkling kosher Lambrusco. The flavours take you on a journey of delicateness and subtleties. It is fruity and sweet, yet not overwhelming. There are delicate hints of peach is this well-balanced semi sweet wine.

Pairing Suggestion:

The L Lambrusco white wine by Cedev is a highly versatile sparkling wine. Drink before meals, with canapés or with a light main meal. Pasta and rice dishes work well with bubbly beverages. Its is also a good accompaniment to soft cheeses.

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