Gavioli Moscato Sparkling Rosé

Kosher Sparkling Rosé Wine – Sweet Sparkling Wine – Gavioli Moscato


For those who adore sweet rosés the Cedev Gavioli Moscato is an absolute must.
Delectably sweet and fruity, the sparkling pink wine coats the mouth with a divine syrupy taste, which is balanced by the pleasant fine bubbles.
The rosé variety of this popular Gavioli Moscato is a taste sensation and adds a big splash of strawberry flavour to this sparkling wine. The Gavioli Moscato Rosé has been called a rich glass of strawberries, yet it has a slightly acidity, which only serves to enhance its bountiful flavour.
Mouth-wateringly sweet with a strong aroma of strawberry, it also boasts slight cotton candy and cherry jam notes. This pretty kosher sparkling wine presents a medium pink colour, a fine mousse of bubbles and a light body.
The sparkling rosé is a delight in spring and summer, reminiscent of joy and celebration.
It is, of course, cultivated using Muscat grapes. Not only are they well known for popularity and sweetness, but they are the oldest wine grapes in the world and the only grape sweet enough to be a wine grape and a snack grape. The Gavioli Moscato has a rich history as well as an intense, wonderful taste.

Pairing Suggestion:

With its fine bubbles, light body and intense sweet flavour, Cedev’s Gavioli Moscato Rosé makes the perfect aperitif rather than a dinner wine but it also wouldn’t go amiss served with a sweet, light dessert, such as a vanilla mousse or a citrus based dessert to balance the sweetness.

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