L Lambrusco Rosé

Kosher Lambrusco Wine – Sparkling Emilia-Romagna Rosé – Semi Sweet Sparkling Lambrusco


The L Lambrusco Rosé from Cedev is a gorgeous sparking pink wine with a lot of character and great value for money.
This lovely kosher Italian rosé wine comes from the Lambrusco grape, a prominent grape in Italy. Lambrusco is both the name of the wine and the famous grape from which they come. Lambrusco grapes are a dark red grape bursting with flavour.
Most Lambrusco wines are red and they are used to create remarkable red (rosso) sparkling wines, but there are a few notable rosé and even white sparkling Lambruscos as well, such as this excellent example in the Cedev collection.
Lambruscos are usually intensely fruity in their nose, portraying dark fruits like strawberry or blackberries with a little grassiness but this distinctive rosé has a unique and charming taste to offer.
Cedev’s kosher L Lambrusco Rosé is a wonderful semi sweet sparkling wine. Its colour is a pleasing shade of pale, peachy rosy pink and it effervesces effortlessly with persistent bubbles.
This wine presents a charming symphony of sweet subtle fruit flavours with hints of red fruit and spices. It is well balanced with subtle tannins.

Pairing Suggestion:

L Lambrusco Rosé will match very easily with a wide spectrum of light food. It also makes a great aperitif. Try serving with appetisers, canapés or snacks. The semi-sweet flavour and intense fruitiness will make this a good companion to pasta, white or red meat.

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