Primade Original Advocaat Extra

Kosher Advocaat – Artisanal Advocaat – Belgian Advocaat


The Cedev collection presents a renowned Belgian Advocaat.
The Primade Original Advocaat Extra is an impressive artisanal Advocaat with no artificial colours or thickening agents.
This luxurious thick and delicious kosher Belgian Advocaat is made with 21 fresh egg yolks and pure alcohol. While traditionally a Dutch alcoholic beverage, the Belgian Primade Advocaat is giving Dutch Advocaats a serious run for their money. Thick, rich, creamy and smooth with a scrumptious custard like consistency.
Advocaat is an exceptionally moreish drink and this Primade Original Extra Advocaat is a premium high-quality Advocaat that is highly popular and will not disappoint. It is has been lovingly mixed with only the freshest and best ingredients and kept pure from unnecessary additives and artificial ingredients for a pure, clean and highest standard Advocaat.
The 18% alcohol in this bottle of kosher artisanal Advocaat ensures the natural preservation of all the fresh ingredients.

Pairing Suggestion:

With its thick, creamy and filling qualities, The Primade Original Advocaat Extra is perfect on its own but also pairs well with delicious traditional Dutch pies. Try it with chocolate pie, apple pie or cherry. It is also excellent with pastries like cream puffs.

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