Chateau Du Vieux Puit 2018

French Wine – Blaye Cotes De Bordeaux Region – Kosher Dry Red Wine


An exceptional, yet fantastic value for money wine; the Chateau du Vieux Puit 2018 is an impressive kosher dry red wine from the Blaye Cotes De Bordeaux region.
This wine has a dynamic flavour for such an easy drinking red. It is in a great condition to drink right away but is expected to develop and evolve in its flavours with age.
It is quite bold with a notable tannic taste and reasonable acidity. Its flavour is very dry, yet fruity, ideal for those who love their drier Bordeaux. The Chateau du Vieux Puit 2018 kosher wine is fabulously smooth with blackberry flavour accompanied by oak notes. There is also a slightly oily but jammy taste with earthy smoky highlights to this dry red; a great example of an earthier Bordeaux.
Unaged the Chateau du Vieux Puit 2018 provides easy drinking. It is initially less fruit forward than some similar Bordeaux and yet comes with a great black fruits taste that lingers into a seductive aftertaste.
The bouquet is excellent reflecting the black fruit and leatherier earthy notes.

Pairing Suggestion:

Since this is an earthy Bordeaux it is a great opportunity to pair it with prominently mushroom dishes, lentils, root vegetables and, of course, hearty stews with slow cooked meats.

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