Essence De Rosé

French Dry Rosé – Kosher Wine


The Essence de Rosé is a gorgeous pink kosher wine from Cedev. It is light, crisp and subtle, a perfect example of an easy drinking rosé.
Notably dry and unobtrusive the Essence de Rosé can be easily paired, and, while subtle, it is certainly not ineffectual. Mild fruit flavours greet the drinker with a beautifully balanced acidity.
This French rosé has a stunning light crimson hue and a heady bouquet of young red fruit. Though is a delicate sensation, this kosher rosé has a solid finish. The mouth feel is soft, crisp and refreshing.
This gentle, subtle but tasty and dry rosé is charming and at home in almost any setting. A great aperitif, as well as with food.

Pairing Suggestion:

A delicate rosé such as this Essence de Rosé from Cedev French collection will be most suited to meals of rich fish, vegetarian dishes, or poultry, including both chicken and light duck dishes. With its crisp refreshing but subtle taste, it will also be at home with lightly spiced fish, vegetable and poultry meals.

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